10 steps to “Being Better in Business” (that require NO talent)



We get caught up in our abilities and strengths when we are working on improving ourselves or our businesses.  But there are things we can do to improve our bottom line even if we do not have a particular talent in the work we are performing.  It comes down to our ability to reduce our bad habits and improve our good habits.  Try these 10 things as a priority and watch your results improve significantly.

 1)    Be On Time!

How often do you miss judge how long it will take you get somewhere and consequently turn up late for an appointment? When you put a meeting into your diary, also block out travel time before it.  Make sure the travel tie includes time to pack up the things you will need eg computer, water, marketing materials, uniforms or gym gear. Plus include time for getting petrol or being stuck in traffic or finding and walking from a parking spot.  Blocking this time out will mean you do not feel rushed or flustered before...

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